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@HarvardBiz : Policy options to help entrepreneurs: http://t.co/V3KMk8tuJQ http://t.co/Woxtp7BPi5
@lonelyplanet : RT @joe_planet: So, which specialist magazine for collecting Thai Buddhist amulets would you buy? #LPinThailand http://t.co/OwvmyF0Gp7
@NatGeo : Help us caption this image by #YourShot member Mac So http://t.co/lWkFchHmlr http://t.co/c4uZFpC4O9
LG 80cm (32) HD Ready LED TV
@HMOIndia : The HM is now explaining the initiatives taken to improve India's disaster response and its preparedness
@LilTwist : Man Dallas can't be serious with this weather!!! I'm in the car right now and shit is going down !! #prayforme
@scifri : There are thousands of lightning strikes during any given minute on Earth. http://t.co/98v9Cmr8jk
@goal_intl : Brazil - Honduras Preview: Dunga facing Copa America selection headache http://t.co/loV1ZjtNOM
Tajikistan's riot police commander joins Islamic State
@mcsweeneys : Client Feedback On the Creation of the Earth: http://t.co/flanVTg3qd http://t.co/mBS8kJJHY7
@CHA_to_N : [INFO] 150808 #VIXX จะเข้าร่วมคอนเสิร์ต KCON2015 in USA ที่New York เปิดจองบัตรวันที่25 มิ.ย.นี้ค่ะ Cr:nimionimio http://t.co/j7RCKFd4AG
@uknewse : http://t.co/VKgKkC7Sus #FathersDay2015 The Origin And History Of Father s Day: A Holiday Born In The USA ☰ 8
Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
@androidcentral : HTC celebrates dads and grads with $50 off the RE camera, 50 percent off accessories http://t.co/RTq9GKA32B #android http://t.co/mgyGC9OGVz
@kim : Can we get another round of applause for @Lexialex directing #Arrow ep this summer? Huzzah!! http://t.co/e0fAYS6ioK http://t.co/PvtrtX7ktB
@ABCscience : Caffeine combats stress, may help prevent depression and memory loss http://t.co/WVOxfRybk8
@Oatmeal : My friend posted a photo of her cat on Facebook today and I did some Photoshoppin' http://t.co/y28r3balSs
@Londonist : Today in London: Watch Paddington, sample Japanese food or hear about Lewisham's history http://t.co/NzSkw76K1Q http://t.co/r9Edg8UKpm
@JagranNews : मणिपुर में चीन की आर्मी ने कराया सेना पर हमला!http://t.co/QVIeUjj6xZ http://t.co/6trpCFEiQk
@NASAJPL : Listen live for lessons learned from the #LDSD flight test. @NASA news June 9 http://t.co/1FMqFVSNHb #JourneytoMars http://t.co/dEQx3vBJw7
@BoingBoing : A brief history of the wristwatch. http://t.co/TkAXxlxLSR http://t.co/DTM4DZnLKN
@WritersDigest : Make the Most of Your Indie Bookstore Event http://t.co/vMFAluG22u Column via @nathankotecki
@androidcentral : AT T begins LG G4 pre-orders on May 29, in stores on June 5 http://t.co/BT78yvq4si #android http://t.co/yLyEvgUc7P
@CNBC : Donating? Make sure that charity isn't a scam: http://t.co/KO20J8ECEJ http://t.co/X4mi2lOlmH
@TrailMagazine : What a spot to stop for the night! Would you? #bivvying #trailmagazine #photooftheday #welovemountains http://t.co/p56DDLzjvx
@HoeflerCo : Some lovely remembrances of Hermann Zapf and his work on Facebook. https://t.co/MVD81jxiyE
@InStyle : The 5 best subscription boxes for guys: http://t.co/M2mmlSz1S3 http://t.co/sZRYyKArT7
@oldmengrooving : Old Men Grooving will be on Loose Women today!!! Representing the Groovy Dad's 
@WIRED : Security researcher discovers you can send a fatal dose to some hospital drug pumps http://t.co/wnuZ2o8cBa
@TheCut : 50 percent of women have been groped and 71 percent have been catcalled — before they were 17: http://t.co/gxYuRt80WP http://t.co/zD7lFfoimg
@sitepointdotcom : A Short and Sweet List of the Best Freelancer Hacks: http://t.co/Om3OsnGpws
@androidcentral : Sidebar poll results: what are you looking forward to most at Google I/O? http://t.co/lodH4CNLPy #android http://t.co/sN2131FT6q
@applenws : Snapchat for iOS switches cameras with a double-tap http://t.co/ffkHVn2Rxt #apple
@ibtpb3ar : นี่ทาบิอัพรัว ๆ ขนาดนี้ นี่จะมโนเป็นการตอบกลับคอมเม้นท์พวกนั้นแล้ว 'ไอ้เก้าอี้ ! พวกมี4
@HarvardBiz : Management Training Needs to Be More Uncomfortable http://t.co/rvC1584ANg http://t.co/h0EoZnlWN7
@Chomcr : โอ้ยยย ทำไมน่ารักแท้ ตอนเด็กๆแม่เอาอะไรป้อนนนน >.< http://t.co/hCqOThkoyV







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