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@TheEconomist : Chop-chop: why does this helicopter have two rotors on top? http://t.co/qWxGYdwlEu http://t.co/sEVJAr2K9f

Authors: Ecroaker Investors

TheEconomist @TheEconomist : Chop-chop: why does this helicopter have two rotors on top? http://t.co/qWxGYdwlEuhttp://t.co/sEVJAr2K9f

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@FinancialTimes : Qatar buys stake in Li’s HK power group http://t.co/XfMOaisNrK
@abpnewstv : Three booked for cow slaughter in Mumbai #beefban #Maharashtra #Mumbai #cowslaughter http://t.co/diuTjx1K13 http://t.co/hc4u6IHide
@linuxtoday : Let's Encrypt Root and Intermediate Certificates: The keys and certificates that will underlie Let’s Encrypt h... http://t.co/yNkM0ZWhEe
@nytimesbooks : There’s never been a time...when so many first-rate writers are writing history and biography. David McCullough: http://t.co/Lt9sjC5Ie4
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@WritersDigest : Do Your e-Book Right (and Start Making Money NOW) http://t.co/HFO6OHAKE3 Live webinar by @JaneFriedman tomorrow (5-29) at 1 pm
@parisreview : “In due time I ain't going to take no shit from nobody. You can record that. Is this my wine?” —Jack Kerouac http://t.co/ycKf0S47zF
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@gerfingerpoken : (IBD) What part of Death to America does Obama not understand? http://t.co/gVxShQXCH1 - #IBDeditorials - http://t.co/GcPydY2O5q
@Londonist : Today in London: a comedy hoedown, daredevil acrobats, and sustainable energy http://t.co/7BoxRtLvpo http://t.co/twHUxAQrVq
@TEENTOP_page : หัวชอนจิกับริคกี้โดนแสงแล้วสีผมสวยมากเลยค่ะ >< http://t.co/zk4wrziG6w
@royalsociety : Self-repairing machines that heal themselves like humans? http://t.co/rUPKjFZr75 #summerscience @SelfRepairRS15 http://t.co/vaGXxczFvh
@Fashionista_com : The best sunglasses to shop this summer: http://t.co/CrL6gYsSJT http://t.co/TXDpeutGew
@IndianDiplomacy : Watch Live! Joint Press Conference by EAM @SushmaSwaraj MoS (I/C), AYUSH on International Day of Yoga today at 3 PM http://t.co/HpkLcf705j
@guardianscience : Psychoactive substances ban 'will end brain research in Britain', experts warn http://t.co/vzmT3ixyvP
@LAist : The Neverland Ranch Is For Sale For $100 Million (Includes One Llama) http://t.co/6G4AhMUUFi
@OKKinderhookRG : About a post-Civil-War kinship-based African American community in Maryland http://t.co/ciGk3snOjQ #BlackHistory
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@androidcentral : Moto Maker brings customized Moto X phones to China http://t.co/GMy0IHR4Ga #android http://t.co/2APrP0Xb8I
@SUNFC_TT : อย่าพึ่งมานะไม่มีตัง -โซชิมาสมุย- ตั๋วเครื่องเต็ม อย่าพึ่งคัมแบค ตอนนี้จน -โซชิสปอยสีผ
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@wallpapermag : Celebrating design with D'Days and of course, sharing the love: http://t.co/Z36ozwLUZl http://t.co/IrHckvsj3u
@good : A jaw-dropping visual breakdown of the fatalities from WWII. http://t.co/uw3bSsSQFI http://t.co/Lt1nciBRYf
@tinna2706 : อยากให้ถ่ายคู่กันเยอะๆ :///; http://t.co/JWXRIjBCvY
@minevith : ที่เราเศร้า เพราะไม่อยากยอมรับความเปลี่ยนแปลง
@Fashionista_com : If you'd need a reason to cut back on your fast fashion addiction, @truecostmovie has plenty: http://t.co/3q73h17U0A http://t.co/7o5ybZhT3L
@maxkeiser : Describing Russia as Soviet is like describing Florida as antebellum South. 'Oh Obama, I do declare, this pecan pie is marvelous.'
@no2persecution : MT: @ChristianToday: #ISIS abducts dozens of Eritrean Christians in Libya: http://t.co/eSJIrdQFMt http://t.co/P4b50Btmwu @shahidshabaz
@speckyboy : HTTTML - a fun alternative to vanilla HTML http://t.co/ha8xNypehB
@designtaxi : Designer turns hilarious client quotes into posters http://t.co/kTRhzLMzSP http://t.co/MGmM6peZmB
@Muzachan : About #Japan from... manhole covers, Ikaruga, #Nara http://t.co/E8S1ovvbva http://t.co/rq0mRS4HJJ
@taran_adarsh : First look pic of #Drishyam. Film releases 31 July 2015. http://t.co/Qg3dRVXKLT
@ELLEmagazine : See This Year's CFDA Award Nominees in Striking Black-and-White Photos http://t.co/0YN7TN004S http://t.co/6l0uQWs1v8
@LakeDistrictPR : What an evocative #photo : A tall ship sails by #Whitehaven harbour, #Cumbria last night http://t.co/2JHZTVo9Lf by @Gary_McKeating
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