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@HarvardBiz : What Africa's leaders have learned about overcoming huge challenges http://t.co/LGVcJiaMLU http://t.co/Co9haHqcAc

Authors: Ecroaker Investors

HarvardBiz @HarvardBiz : What Africa's leaders have learned about overcoming huge challenges http://t.co/LGVcJiaMLUhttp://t.co/Co9haHqcAc

@ibnlive : BREAKING | Nuclear medicine was being transported on a Turkish airline http://t.co/dvgvg6ALCI
@timesofindia : Infographic: Role of Oceans in climate change http://t.co/swr0TROJxK
@pmarca : Statements X will destroy N million US jobs are not actually dramatic. Normal: 21M+ US jobs destroyed per year now. http://t.co/2SziVKbLhk
Panasonic 215 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
@Selfridges : Summer breakfasts at @AubaineUK #SelfridgesLondon. View the menu here: http://t.co/ZBPPQl67eO http://t.co/aLLSCaFzKX
Micromax 127cm (50) Full HD LED TV
@F_J_Thomas : What is it that Texas cowgirl Lily Perkins finds in the 20 year old ruins of a house fire in Tennessee? ~The Searching Place #romance
@TimHarford : xkcd: The BDLPSWDKS Effect http://t.co/UqYXzoUHvb
@UKnowJ_J : เป็นไรล่ะ ถ่ายรูปไม่ทันจร้าาาา 5555 http://t.co/8Tip0JmiRm
@NylonMag : Cute cactuses for the WIN: http://t.co/cj6Km9Yfs9 http://t.co/OOAK83jSZD
@peurim1126 : ท่ายืนไม่ได้สอดคล้องกับรอยสัก RT @leader_878992: แมนแมน แบดแบด อะเนอะ ^^ http://t.co/ctp5cEXlV1
@KOONSwk : ผู้หญิงดีเลิศนางฟ้า ทำอะไรก็ไม่ผิด ไม่โดนด่า ต่างจากผู้ชายทำอะไรนิดหน่อยก็โดนด่า โดน
@InStyle : .@JLo demonstrates how to jet-set with style: http://t.co/CmYVRoJhwe http://t.co/mTjbg4F9Ju
@coda : It's 2015 and Grover Norquist is publicly beefing with a spell checker over the legitimacy of vaping. https://t.co/aXcMFygGoH
@TravlandLeisure : Get ready for #Manhattanhendge in New York City (+ 15 more light phenomena across the planet: http://t.co/EsBXyIIh7k http://t.co/4WyXKc95Kw
@TheNextWeb : Apple steps into the augmented reality arena with its purchase of Metaio http://t.co/awnRyUKE1Y http://t.co/3Vp6WhR6UH
@LRO_NASA : There is now officially a (Betty) Pierazzo impact crater on the Moon. A fitting honor for a remarkable scientist. http://t.co/ZZzrprkAaL
@FinancialTimes : .@fastFT: HSBC shareholders give muted response to overhaul http://t.co/uCnIHM4DPn
Whirlpool 260 L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator
@Scholastic : I save my summers to read THE book. You know--the book everyone's talking about that year. Our summer reads: http://t.co/s7gmn3gF4u
LG 151cm (60) Ultra HD (4K) 3D, Smart LED TV
@IBMbigdata : #SparkInsight #Crowdchat is starting in a few hours.. do join us!! http://t.co/B2BKOeKzmU #Hadoop #ApacheSpark http://t.co/EvaSfL3UAY
@NewYorker : “They ate apples when they ate and, after a while, they knew it all.” Jonathan Safran Foer reimagines Adam and Eve: http://t.co/V68pOkXSbQ
@pewresearch : 56% of Americans say US has mostly failed in achieving goals in Afghanistan http://t.co/snuqkw8gPF http://t.co/MPnltFNfCC
@sodajaja : 150510 GOT7 SHOWCASE IN DALLAS #Jackson แลดูอารมณ์ดี :P http://t.co/VoilGQ06yY http://t.co/nNlggTxWft http://t.co/rnE3cmKcDm
@androidandme : We are greatly simplifying app permissions and will now ask for permission when they try to use a feature, not at install.
@seventeen : Jelena continues. @JustinBieber and @SelenaGomez reunited over dinner: http://t.co/ie2D5FjEMG http://t.co/oTE0V2eKCn
@FRANCE24 : UN presents warring Libyan factions with latest draft proposal for unity http://t.co/7bIafwCpGO http://t.co/6ZYfEI6v28
@BoingBoing : A brief history of the wristwatch. http://t.co/TkAXxlxLSR http://t.co/DTM4DZnLKN
@ScienceAlert : California's biggest polluters are giving low-income homeowners free solar panels: http://t.co/C3zYQa6TTi √√√√ http://t.co/O4VQ9JIkvR
@mashable : Hyperloop is getting a test track in California http://t.co/2pzWDLXlrU via @livescience
@centerofright : Those 11 states shld be made Cong Mukt to come out of spl status https://t.co/adanH5E8he
@EconBizFin : What sets airports apart from most investments in infrastructure is their dual income stream http://t.co/RNwRFtoPTi http://t.co/39bLxLqPVE
@gruber : Current Android copy and paste UI: http://t.co/j5WHU7mFoI
Videocon 61cm (24) Full HD LED TV
@NatGeoTravel : Inside a wacky literary holiday in Ireland http://t.co/kRi8Y15thS







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