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@jumnongvej : ความรัก บางทีมันก็ต้องมีระยะห่าง
@sitepointdotcom : It's time to Cut the Mustard: Migrating to Flexbox http://t.co/YTuQhxEW43
@NASAJPL : Listen live for lessons learned from the #LDSD flight test. @NASA news June 9 http://t.co/1FMqFVSNHb #JourneytoMars http://t.co/dEQx3vBJw7
@HarvardBiz : Corporate Alliances Matter Less Thanks to APIs http://t.co/5gxE5p2mBY http://t.co/t4kajbybwL
@HarvardBiz : What I Learned from Warren Buffett, by @billgates - our archive article of the week. http://t.co/UMrsP0AxbC http://t.co/cLgLQjxhAr
@linuxtoday : Linux 4.1 rc7: Linus Torvalds: Normally rc7 tends to be the last rc release, and there's not a lot going on to... http://t.co/qZkc45laEd
@HarvardBiz : Lessons from Merck for companies seeking new routes toward profitable growth http://t.co/AJX4J3mJ5R http://t.co/emAAUCJACG
@wheelertweets : #UNSMIL: #Libya political dialogue agreement, 4th draft, released 8 June 2015 Arabic http://t.co/rmOBwHEkiO English http://t.co/06DelHeoBM
@OurFinland : Finnish countryside is all about endless woods, flowery meadows glimmering lakes. Step in: http://t.co/Tn3lBJnzZv http://t.co/tgzd4KRoYS
@EconBizFin : In the EU's war on corruption, Romania's NDA is the standard-bearer. It just targeted the country's prime minister http://t.co/GNaZpaU5kF
Sony 54.6cm (22) Full HD LED TV
@HarvardBiz : Why do innovation initiatives tend to fail? Because too few companies have innovation strategies: http://t.co/DJXp0osIqA
@VisitBritain : See inside Britain's castles with our new series of 360 imagery: http://t.co/RlBCC2xugr http://t.co/tc9pdvReU2
@luxury__travel : A luxury Orlando vacation home with a difference! http://t.co/lmmp9dqz5J http://t.co/8cWzwX1spH
@gerfingerpoken : (IBD) What part of Death to America does Obama not understand? http://t.co/gVxShQXCH1 - #IBDeditorials - http://t.co/GcPydY2O5q
@designtaxi : Travel photography by Morton Marsh http://t.co/a5JCDY4XOO http://t.co/qA9Or6PzrE
@ifuqx__ : ฟค: อย่าไดเอตนะ อนยู: ผมเปล่า ฟค: แต่หน้าคุณเล็กลงอ่ะ TT อนยู: ผมออกกำลังกาย หมั่นไส้ .. กูนี่
@LibyaAlHurraTV : #Libya needs basic vaccines. Migrant crisis poses sig. public health risk. How about some help @UNSMILibya @eu_eeas? https://t.co/UrswKB8ERP
@PowellPolitics : “No government can be wholly objective in providing information for referendums if it supports one side of the argument.” Neill Report 1998
@sitepointdotcom : Building a Responsive Mega Menu with Foundation http://t.co/1LjSvcbuaf
@dna : DY Patil's med. college #Mauritius says no guarantee degree will be valid http://t.co/ziJbKBHVuj pens @maitriporecha http://t.co/bLokUnFhjc
@Muzachan : Okayama #Castle towering over the Korakuen #Garden http://t.co/lNYWQn0KID #Japan http://t.co/RsX77C7VMG
@PopSci : New WatchOS makes the Apple Watch more like a computer on your wrist http://t.co/eR5iK5rXCm http://t.co/UrfVHRFoE0
@designtaxi : Poignant heart-breaking portraits of people who live on a dollar a day http://t.co/oOdEBPf9Ow http://t.co/MDYtTP9MK5
@ELLEmagazine : How to get crop-top ready abs in weeks: http://t.co/sb8FpCMKYV http://t.co/P9IxDiGYmJ
Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
@Bourdain : Yessssssss…. #laksa #Kuching http://t.co/v7MD12ys5a
@alexismadrigal : Only 10% of the applicants for our head of digital video are women. I'd love to change that ratio. https://t.co/q4MZtXSleh This is a rad job
@FT : Are our cities' public areas falling into private hands? http://t.co/5LXuMNNtL4 #GlobalCities2015 http://t.co/62eXUeI1fq
@GreatDismal : If you could only read one piece on policing and race in the US today, I’d recommend this http://t.co/dr7eV3PfhB
@IndianExpress : #InPics: ITO Metro Station showcases Delhi’s rich heritage | http://t.co/agjMtJAGJh http://t.co/JVRhj6BkaL
@phoronix : #BFP Proposed To Become A First-Class Backend In #LLVM http://t.co/uuWEoXWxqT
@HarvardBooks : Tue @ 7pm: @mirajacob @pronounced_ing present their acclaimed debut novels, now in paperback http://t.co/YwqkLHmIXr http://t.co/wx0f81qGYM
@Piclogy : Hidden Beach in #Kauai, Hawaii | Photography by ©Chad Koga http://t.co/EWTEn5SXVP
@CityLightsBooks : Hearty congrats to @jeffvandermeer, who won the Nebula Award for ANNIHILATION: http://t.co/M4Eh8jBejX - his books are good.
@AirAsia : [MY] EXCLUSIVE FOR KL #AATF2015 at @ParadigmMallMY! Buy 1 Free 1 return flights for KL-Macau! Limited seats, hurry! http://t.co/g6izDnC4uX







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