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@dna : DY Patil's med. college #Mauritius says no guarantee degree will be valid http://t.co/ziJbKBHVuj pens @maitriporecha http://t.co/bLokUnFhjc
@parisreview : “You are perfectly entitled to invent your life and to claim that it’s true.” —James Salter http://t.co/rf1uedO8d6
@GuardianBooks : Spirals in Time: The Secret Life and Curious Afterlife of Seashells review – treasures from the depths http://t.co/VjaBz7R5Lb
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@FinancialTimes : .@fastFT: HSBC shareholders give muted response to overhaul http://t.co/uCnIHM4DPn
@HarvardBiz : What I Learned from Warren Buffett, by @billgates - our archive article of the week. http://t.co/UMrsP0AxbC http://t.co/cLgLQjxhAr
@InStyle : Get all the details on @britneyspears's new lingerie-inspired fragrance: http://t.co/1FVrcZXWcV http://t.co/PEy58ghYdG
@free24apps : iPhone App http://t.co/GtAvbOcnaz New York Offline Map - City Metro Airport Travel $0.00 -> Free | #iPhone #App #iO… http://t.co/QXnrMW2D3s
@mcsweeneys : Raymond Carver’s OKCupid Profile, Edited by Gordon Lish: http://t.co/kDRQDDLFNC http://t.co/X0zIHZu09i
@Londonist : Compare detailed historic maps with today’s London, side by side http://t.co/0zvqG5MXK0 http://t.co/bw4zQhvzv1
@FastCompany : Solar sisters: How an Avon Lady model of solar distribution has taken off: http://t.co/LWcYWZcU33 by @btschiller
@HarvardBiz : How the smartest people are making their peace with robots at work (and are keeping their jobs in the process): http://t.co/wXTxp1O1K0
@JBGOT7_Thailand : [IG] 150529 JB's IG updated -รู้สึกเศร้า https://t.co/RFcVr9DKhT ปล.สงสัยแจบอมคิดถึงโนร่ามากๆแน่เลย http://t.co/uBNat9KmDl
@scifri : Scientists may have found the missing link between the immune system and the brain http://t.co/BheahpW81q
@BritishVogue : Why not all “momtrepreneurs” are alike, according to Gwyneth: http://t.co/quuKJ4j2wH http://t.co/1uD3Ohr1ZI
@Inc : How to get the right message across with your body language @jeff_haden http://t.co/UDNM6lat9B http://t.co/N7FQxz8gmE
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@InStyle : .@JLo demonstrates how to jet-set with style: http://t.co/CmYVRoJhwe http://t.co/mTjbg4F9Ju
@designtaxi : Words to use when promoting yourself at a job interview http://t.co/895b6gGvWj http://t.co/0zKOoDo2xJ
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@nytimesbooks : There’s never been a time...when so many first-rate writers are writing history and biography. David McCullough: http://t.co/Lt9sjC5Ie4
@sitepointdotcom : It's time to Cut the Mustard: Migrating to Flexbox http://t.co/YTuQhxEW43
@Good_day_m8 : วันละ150บาท/วัน อยู่ได้ ราษฎรอาวุโสเค้าว่างั้น http://t.co/7PbDOM32iL
@OurFinland : Finnish countryside is all about endless woods, flowery meadows glimmering lakes. Step in: http://t.co/Tn3lBJnzZv http://t.co/tgzd4KRoYS
@WIRED : Apple's News app takes aim at Facebook http://t.co/HA0DciA0KP http://t.co/OAzqQaf70R
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@designtaxi : How to pick the nicest font for your website http://t.co/TKG8ewRVhB http://t.co/LEteKASGHs
@mashable : Hands on with Panasonic's $800 G7: A 4K video recording monster http://t.co/P8oNsVdgnA http://t.co/Pv0W2rwW1m
@WIRED : Dumbledore and Gandalf Marry, and Vanquish the Westboro Baptist Church http://t.co/uzOfIykzZm (via @thedailybeast)
@johnmaeda : Thanks to Assaf, Jules, Ben, Cas for contextualizing the 2015 #DesignInTech Report in Boston. http://t.co/n4T2JL7cyp http://t.co/tcY1ouXDH2
@PeopleReads : “Ten full-length books and one novella from NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors” Heroes In Uniform: http://t.co/QiVmK0GRwE #pdf1
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@VICEUK : India's deadly heat wave could be a glimpse of things to come: http://t.co/ZbvsbRxi7T (via @vicenews) http://t.co/tJHqVl5ttH







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