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@parisreview : “I never knew anyone who had a passion for words who had as much difficulty saying things as I do.” —Marianne Moore http://t.co/PbNLJlXsH4


Authors: Ecroaker Motivators

“I never knew anyone who had a passion for words who had as much difficulty saying things as I do.” —Marianne Moore : The Paris Review
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@FortuneMagazine : How do so many CEOs fire people on the spot without any apparent consequence? http://t.co/qkDmT3Kbt2 http://t.co/edphxDGz85
@InStyle : Get all the details on @britneyspears's new lingerie-inspired fragrance: http://t.co/1FVrcZXWcV http://t.co/PEy58ghYdG
@MiddleEastEye : INFOGRAPHIC: Libya's energy industry http://t.co/nDP01NymEe #Libya http://t.co/K3SlY3MzvO
@atticvs : Dear Sky...l really couldn't give a fuck about illegal immigrants...tow the boats back to Libya, turf them out then sink the boats!
@cntraveller : 10 festival stereotypes http://t.co/Vb5D9IeFhp http://t.co/QFCuuWdWWX
@designtaxi : Man wore pajamas that look like a business suit to work, nobody noticed http://t.co/izT0xkuekV http://t.co/ZIatVwurX0
@parisreview : “What a story is, is devious.” —Joy Williams http://t.co/Pgv6posXSC
@JZdziarski : They're claiming Wassenaar was never intended to regulate exploits, yet that's exactly the objective certain people backing it wanted.
@esquire : 4 new Google innovations that could change your life: http://t.co/yGNZ7ijFp2 http://t.co/MzmPgSbyvD
@androidcentral : Verizon's disaster readiness is an impressive combination of hardware and manpower http://t.co/U2CeCfGdG8 #android http://t.co/6EhPzeRoR2
@FT : Used bags hold secrets of Japan’s economy http://t.co/Mr0NLf7AaR
@lonelyplanet : Love film #travel? MT @boredpanda: Famous Movie Locations Photographed In Real Life: http://t.co/ZlI9HtNTkm http://t.co/KQIN1jnlMF
@FT : A music discovery app used by millions is turning its attention to recognising images too http://t.co/UlqMQ5Srgx http://t.co/WDbc9Vao2x
@OnlyGD_TH : [ซับไทย] RM250 – นักซิ่งข้ามเวลา : BIGBANG Dashing to The Future Credit:... http://t.co/dtAlLGMctB
@CNBCWorld : [Now] CEO Gulliver on call: We have materially re-shaped HSBC but it...has not been enough to drive the share price http://t.co/JJaHK85S20
@welt : Frauenfussball-WM: Olympiasieger USA siegt zum Auftakt gegen Australien http://t.co/NbnGECjWC4 http://t.co/V0cNNTvnd6
@hootsuite : As a marketer, have you ever asked yourself: am I making the most out of this social trend? http://t.co/qxre1BXDH7 http://t.co/iRibzFkwUo
@PenguinUKBooks : Wishing you a splendiferous Friday, folks. We're hoping our weekend will look a little like this: #weekendreading http://t.co/WWwyOjVlJ0
@designtaxi : Tips for starting your own creative business http://t.co/qOs0AEh4Fb http://t.co/r3QfdJPyGh
@HarvardBiz : No One Can Think Outside the Box http://t.co/pKUPVympEr http://t.co/mVgBuls46p
@DesignerDepot : 8 common design mistakes that drive visitors crazy http://t.co/R1EMArYs9J
@dna : Geelani invites separatist leaders, Sikh grps for seminar on 'resisting Indian state fascism' http://t.co/qv123Gi3S3 http://t.co/0CHsGkJ4hy
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@riverheadbooks : LOCAL GIRLS by @carolinezancan follows the lifelong friendship of 4 girls. Happy #NationalBestFriendsDay, everyone! http://t.co/Te6wnPBIP3
@designtaxi : Three common UX mistakes that can kill good design http://t.co/SuceDuPKCZ http://t.co/Qosy9suB5k
@TheNextWeb : Twitter loved Apple’s WWDC keynote according to Oxford academics’ sentiment analysis http://t.co/ByEK3uB3M9 http://t.co/KnLFldOb87
@wmag : Breaking down Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2015 beauty look: http://t.co/RfEMRd541H http://t.co/nm67Jcm5Iv
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@CNBC : People are not happy with Lilly Pulitzer: http://t.co/njvMfB9Z2h http://t.co/iqqOKMMV5B
@techreview : An Algorithm That Can Help Robots Walk Off Injuries http://t.co/oURf6UthAY
@Dabeztt : ย้อนอดีตฮานิตอนเล็กๆ โคตรน่ารักเลย555555555 http://t.co/LaGkeLLQWI
@phoronix : #BFP Proposed To Become A First-Class Backend In #LLVM http://t.co/uuWEoXWxqT
@VisitBritain : 15 amazing British foods that aren’t fish chips @BuzzFeed - prepare to get hungry > http://t.co/qZwJw1OdgD http://t.co/d2UWaGF1R8
@zaidbenjamin : #Libya | #ISIL has taken Ghardabiya Air Base near Sirte - Statement http://t.co/GiGekVKwrI
@HarvardBiz : Make your brand distinctive -- and the first one that comes to consumers' minds: http://t.co/eOo4YNtLWp http://t.co/1VChddAiET







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