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@NewYorker : Meet Chloé Roubert, who travels the world observing the often-maligned pigeon: http://t.co/rqgldQrmqt


Authors: Ecroaker Motivators

Meet Chloé Roubert, who travels the world observing the often-maligned pigeon: : The New Yorker
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@BBCWorld : UN presents Libyan 'unity' plan to warring factions http://t.co/F30Zb6VFJn
@exoparadise : [NEWS] ตอนนี้เทาจะกลับมาหรือจะออกยังเป็นประเด็นที่ยังไม่สรุป ยังคงพยายามพูดคุยกันอยู่
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@TravlandLeisure : 8 new reasons to take a European river cruise: http://t.co/pTDY1uRUmr http://t.co/XZ2pQvPGVc
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@NewYorker : Revisit Cynthia Ozick’s iconic 1980 story, which takes us into the horror of a Nazi concentration camp: http://t.co/jYf4n5V2Ve #TNYarchive
@androidcentral : Huawei Watch specs http://t.co/1Nbqg3VxPx #android http://t.co/IqcyWrpzKF
Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia comes in breach of legislation — media
@PopSci : Bacterial scientist’s hoax study on chocolate and weight loss stirs up controversy http://t.co/U6ojBJjYuD http://t.co/syzbD6g6wg
@chr1sa : A special Solo going out to one lucky kid @3DRobotics http://t.co/sdXLoGEmul
@WritersDigest : Writing literary fic, smart genre fiction, high-concept thrillers or sci-fi? Agent Andy Kifer seeks new clients http://t.co/IGLuoo4d0Z
@GuardianBooks : Love + Hate by Hanif Kureishi review – heart and art of a man http://t.co/fA9JQEf9ku
@VIPB2STYSUB : [ซับไทย] เบื้องหลัง - BEAST 2015 Beautiful Show in Hong Kong https://t.co/45jnvKeUi9
@TravlandLeisure : Get ready for #Manhattanhendge in New York City (+ 15 more light phenomena across the planet: http://t.co/EsBXyIIh7k http://t.co/4WyXKc95Kw
@DNews : Climate Change Could Melt Everest Region's Glaciers: http://t.co/3owAZ4Wz7P http://t.co/HLY583xqvQ
@Londonist : Why is London scared of the number 13? http://t.co/9O5xJA99K3 http://t.co/czdMlO8Nj1
@LinuxForYou : 8 Most Useful #Ubuntu Utilities To Make Your Experience Better http://t.co/OOZyxlXJ25
@HarvardBiz : The hype around mindfulness is backed by hard science http://t.co/nnRIclNoj2 http://t.co/KrK9XqaQeF
@LilTwist : Man Dallas can't be serious with this weather!!! I'm in the car right now and shit is going down !! #prayforme
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@TRACterrorism : New #ASL photo report includes a 1st time beheading - wondering #AQ's response?#Libya reaches new levels of brutality http://t.co/zuWBm2rsXA
@wooyounghome : โฆษณา RE:CIPE ตัวใหม่ปล่อยออกมาแล้วนะคะ อย่าลืมไปดู กดไลค์กดแชร์ และไปซื้อมาใช้กันนะคะ 
@PopSci : The Model T of drones ups the game with new drone guidance system http://t.co/XK4zJagHiN http://t.co/N0BcEyeT15
@Fashionista_com : If you'd need a reason to cut back on your fast fashion addiction, @truecostmovie has plenty: http://t.co/3q73h17U0A http://t.co/7o5ybZhT3L
@gdontopthailand : รันนิ่งแมน อีพี250 สปีดข้ามเวลา Cr:Annyeong SUB http://t.co/M683Gw7d1a... http://t.co/gOhc42lSvg
@OnlyGD_TH : [ซับไทย] RM250 – นักซิ่งข้ามเวลา : BIGBANG Dashing to The Future Credit:... http://t.co/dtAlLGMctB
@timesofindia : SSC exam result: 90%+ scorers in Maha up by 19% http://t.co/fT7WzlYe0v
@impcrp : ผมเจอพี่ซองมินครั้งแรกและตกหลุมรักเลยตอนสันทนาการ พี่ซองมินมาเต้นข้างๆผมในเพลงโรตี
@thtrans_ss : yulyulk: ที่ละรึกที่ฮานีมีน้อง ฮานีตอนอายุ 3เดือน #ฮานี#ดูอี #Hani #DooE http://t.co/51rZYzjW2m
@PenguinCanada : 29 books for your beach bag: http://t.co/DMLeMHFNhW. http://t.co/NQ3Rnq877n
@WSJ : Asia wants U.S. spuds. “If you look at a chart, it looks like a mountain going straight up” http://t.co/ILs01P4ZUm http://t.co/MlFbbWWlkG
@BootsnAll : Are you a born traveler? - The Genetic Reason Why Some People Are Born To Travel All Over The World | http://t.co/2mnbTY1EXP #rtwchat
@torbooks : Here's an SF story for you to read tonight: Seven Years from Home, by @naominovik: http://t.co/TtV9sjMqbT http://t.co/UikNCG3iHD
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