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@NewYorker : Meet Chloé Roubert, who travels the world observing the often-maligned pigeon: http://t.co/rqgldQrmqt


Authors: Ecroaker Motivators

Meet Chloé Roubert, who travels the world observing the often-maligned pigeon: : The New Yorker
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@Cheri_Yan : 150609 แบคฮยอน ไค ซูโฮเดินทางมาอัดรายการ Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook (cr: icebaby9094) http://t.co/cYeyvhHHR9
@engadget : Homebuilt laser shotgun is every bit as dangerous as it sounds http://t.co/TboQnyNcpF
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@MouMedia2 : #BREAKING #IS in #Libya - Full control of Qurdhabiyah Airbase and the River project in the outskirts of Sirte City! http://t.co/bpZuPatJfh
@kim : I use Twitter to look up people's Instagram name and I use Facebook to complain about Facebook.
@text_publishing : Who writes novels? by @tomgauld http://t.co/oGNfV4E1r3 #fridayfrivolity http://t.co/vCUr4fC2bW
@TheNextWeb : WebPonize for Mac automatically converts images into Google's WebP format http://t.co/TmhJ6d0oAF http://t.co/au8OLEkYcE
@ScienceNews : MT @NikonSmallWorld: Can you guess the owner of the optic nerve shown here? http://t.co/kmV1agKyWw #Brainbow http://t.co/RNZlGMXcYE
@brownjenjen : » http://t.co/5jM52xiqj2 Mckinney Texas #MckinneyTexas Separating Fact from Fiction in the McKinney, Texas Story » UPDATE » Colorado USA Fo…
@seventeen : Here's what tampon (manpons?) commercials would look like if they were for guys http://t.co/6zyP0Pyo8P http://t.co/PnsgYZVBs9
@NYTScience : For 30 years these chimpanzees were used in research. What will happen to them now? http://t.co/TBNkyBFxkw http://t.co/y47DiJ9XrY
@MTVUK : RT to win a road trip across the USA with awesome new movie The Longest Ride #MTVLongestRide http://t.co/awu3Xpko6B http://t.co/kif4NI7kMJ
@Allure_magazine : An easy cat eye trick you haven't heard yet: http://t.co/pP8ckNzmKy http://t.co/BWHAtnpREI
@PenguinCanada : The 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in the United Kingdom and Ireland - http://t.co/IDEsWFbwbm. http://t.co/yELo8vwXJ6
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@NewYorker : Meet Chloé Roubert, who travels the world observing the often-maligned pigeon: http://t.co/rqgldQrmqt
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@DigitalAgendaEU : Boost your #coding skills get ready for @CodeWeekEU. 10-18 October http://t.co/c4DBhqb2Kp #codeEU #eskills http://t.co/oGkNhYpPHq
@LAist : WeHo Has A Sexy New Mexican Restaurant And Bar (Photos) http://t.co/pjSh7MlUzE http://t.co/sCylaV6vdD
@designtaxi : This poster features an extensive collection of coffee beverages will delight a coffee lover http://t.co/6LQBWolm3D http://t.co/cSvspL2XH2
@HarvardBiz : Policy options to help entrepreneurs: http://t.co/V3KMk8tuJQ http://t.co/Woxtp7BPi5
@dna : How did the Health Ministry give approval to #Maggi in 2011? http://t.co/jGBJR98xs9 decodes @maitriporecha http://t.co/HRKwz9dMEE
@brownjenjen : → http://t.co/ejcnMFzJuz Tommy Tune #TommyTune Tony Awards opt for muted Tommy Tune lifetime tribute 139 Utah USA West Valley City USA
@VisitBritain : See inside Britain's castles with our new series of 360 imagery: http://t.co/RlBCC2xugr http://t.co/tc9pdvReU2
@mrdavidwhitley : This piece on being a tour guide in the Australian Outback is tremendous: http://t.co/AUZ2SUojEH
@ELLEmagazine : Kellan Lutz Took an 18-Year-Old to Prom This Year http://t.co/jYmOqKuSJe http://t.co/TjBHpJSmGJ
@applenws : Snapchat for iOS switches cameras with a double-tap http://t.co/ffkHVn2Rxt #apple
@designtaxi : The difference between designers and non-designers http://t.co/wxur3BMCVj http://t.co/u8GaRH6MJo
@linuxfoundation : How unikernels address security: http://t.co/xtuApgEY38 via @lars_kurth @xen_org
@HarvardBiz : Several strategies can help companies let go of outdated legacy technologies: http://t.co/0OKr0KPdZc http://t.co/P1Y5pVtfnx
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@Austin_Police : A flash flood warning is in effect for the Austin area until 4:45 a.m. #atxwx #atxfloods http://t.co/bS9BwesEZM
@johnmaeda : Taking time to do something right is difficult in the tech industry because it moves at the 2X speed of Moore’s Law. http://t.co/K873qKbajb
@luxury__travel : 6 secrets of the Maldives http://t.co/ed5j26kaJ3 http://t.co/ixBQAXA7bK
@modmyi : Apple's iPod Tab Gets Removed From Online Website http://t.co/SXejqgbMy4 http://t.co/cDNrNJw262







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