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LG 123cm (49) Ultra HD (4K) LED TV

@NatGeoTravel : Uncovering Austin's weird and wacky side http://t.co/VQvjsqJWdu
@HarvardBiz : Management Training Needs to Be More Uncomfortable http://t.co/rvC1584ANg http://t.co/h0EoZnlWN7
@WorldBank : What will it really take to finance the #post2015 agenda? http://t.co/2GV9yAiKUf #fin4dev
@_bemyfriend_ : #FreeWiFi3 4523 N Houston School Rd Lancaster, TX 75134-1000 United States http://t.co/WvVw1FmfcB
@androidandme : Apple Music coming to Android this fall http://t.co/v5ei1B767J by @Techgasms
@HarvardBiz : Lessons from Merck for companies seeking new routes toward profitable growth http://t.co/AJX4J3mJ5R http://t.co/emAAUCJACG
@TheNextWeb : Hide your secret chats with emoji http://t.co/fU9SIjOYOW http://t.co/3jQvXk39Wv
@BritishVogue : Why not all “momtrepreneurs” are alike, according to Gwyneth: http://t.co/quuKJ4j2wH http://t.co/1uD3Ohr1ZI
@IndianDiplomacy : Watch Live! Joint Press Conference by EAM @SushmaSwaraj MoS (I/C), AYUSH on International Day of Yoga today at 3 PM http://t.co/HpkLcf705j
@mashable : Apple Music vs. the streaming competition: http://t.co/wB7APwSHtK http://t.co/Gs7zheD0EQ
@designmilk : Flattening Reality: The Art of Michael Zelehoski http://t.co/25W82Mx1Ds http://t.co/S71LgPiDcQ
@ELLEmagazine : This Might Be the Best Cover of Chandelier We've Ever Heard http://t.co/tUW4iczNot http://t.co/3zmVPoZ6xh
@PsRam60 : Just as Washington is the capital of US,London of England and Paris of France, so too Jerusalem WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE the capital of Israel
@PopSci : Airbus enters the race to develop cheap reusable rockets for travel to lower Earth orbit http://t.co/7wOR5DMKs2 http://t.co/Gb6pJoipUG
@TalkAndroid : Lenovo unveils its Smart Cast concept, a smartphone with a built-in laser projector http://t.co/PEeVGzkCu4 http://t.co/4bMWfrBrD9
@sitepointdotcom : Creating a Mobile Application with Reapp http://t.co/fOODxkvjyl @jay3dec
@nytimesbooks : Future editions of Primates of Park Avenue will include note that license was taken for dramatic effect. http://t.co/Gltwfi1B57
@CHA_to_N : [INFO] 150808 #VIXX จะเข้าร่วมคอนเสิร์ต KCON2015 in USA ที่New York เปิดจองบัตรวันที่25 มิ.ย.นี้ค่ะ Cr:nimionimio http://t.co/j7RCKFd4AG
@fedora : Fedora 22 Cloud edition is now available on @digitalocean -- http://t.co/ERO1NSLqhg
Sony 54.6cm (22) Full HD LED TV
@France24_en : UN presents warring Libyan factions with latest draft proposal for unity http://t.co/pUuwOTC7I1 http://t.co/FHbopJYVb6
Sony BRAVIA KLV-24P423D 60cm (24) WXGA LED TV (2 x HDMI, 1 X USB)
@slashdot : G7 Vows To Phase Out Fossil Fuels By 2100 http://t.co/9AXMZeWxWF
@designtaxi : Eye-catching business cards that look like slices of delicious cake http://t.co/t1Z6MqfATq http://t.co/afODjfUiCO
@linuxfoundation : How unikernels address security: http://t.co/xtuApgEY38 via @lars_kurth @xen_org
@DesignerDepot : Popular design news of the week: http://t.co/ZZp3aTfpFy
@exoparadise : [NEWS] สำหรับอัลบั้ม Repackage 'LOVE ME RIGHT' เอ็กโซจะโปรโมทด้วยสมาชิก 9 คน SM แจ้งกับนักข่าวอย่างเป็นทางก
@good : A jaw-dropping visual breakdown of the fatalities from WWII. http://t.co/uw3bSsSQFI http://t.co/Lt1nciBRYf
@BritishVogue : Irina Shayk speaks out on Blatter affair rumours: http://t.co/6N1ESi05Xy http://t.co/4mXT80Qki1
@forbes_india : With a price tag of $4.5 million, the HondaJet is being marketed as a tool for business owners http://t.co/ZhGGe9vVg5 http://t.co/VOlOAoRZ5w
Moscow pessimistic about Kiev’s compliance with Minsk-2 peace deal — Lavrov
@gomi_num : กูก็อยากรู้คนที่พระเอกชอบคือใคร #WhoAreYouSchool2015 http://t.co/Uh7p5G8wCO
@DigitalAgendaEU : Boost your #coding skills get ready for @CodeWeekEU. 10-18 October http://t.co/c4DBhqb2Kp #codeEU #eskills http://t.co/oGkNhYpPHq
@parisreview : “In due time I ain't going to take no shit from nobody. You can record that. Is this my wine?” —Jack Kerouac http://t.co/ycKf0S47zF
@WeBlogtheWorld : An #artists way of life! #artisticLife #arts #artsy #creativity #paintings #energy #light #serenity #beauty... http://t.co/hCSQk16pq1
@kim : How's it going, twittersphere?







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