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SVL 102cm (40) Full HD LED TV

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@linuxfoundation : Want to install Linux on a Windows machine? You'll have to deal with Secure Boot. Find out how to do it here http://t.co/XiF0tQFZFK
@FastCoDesign : 9 famous logos reimagined as sadvertising http://t.co/eohLnhkInD http://t.co/DNokdhIuLf
@sweden : People should learn how to walk. It's important. Practice that shit.
@HarvardBiz : Lessons from Merck for companies seeking new routes toward profitable growth http://t.co/AJX4J3mJ5R http://t.co/emAAUCJACG
@Forbes : Retailing is facing an existential crisis centered on its so-called footprint: http://t.co/O6rXw3FOre
@OutriggerWaikik : The sun is setting on another beautiful day in Hawaii Nei! #outrigger #hawaii #visit #scenic #sunset #aloha #waikiki http://t.co/2H5gXiE04Z
@MCS_Corporate : Criminals load passengers onto boats set adrift off Libya's coast. Britain's RN pretends to rescue victims pretending to be lost at sea QED
Kiev forces violate ceasefire 30 times over past 24 hours, DPR militias say
@qatarairways : #QatarAirways celebrated 10 years of service to #SouthAfrica. Read more at http://t.co/QwrbiMqNt5 #travel #aviation http://t.co/CfMHCCxZwk
@androidcentral : The 10 most important things from the Google I/O keynote http://t.co/vyNOAzGCqU #android http://t.co/BYnKdOwwL3
@DataconomyMedia : Why Spark Won’t Kill Hadoop: http://t.co/cPhHZvgGQ3 #BigData #Hadoop
@GQFashion : How to make a tasteful (yet successful) Tinder profile http://t.co/p0moLkAEdM
@WritersDigest : Writing literary fic, smart genre fiction, high-concept thrillers or sci-fi? Agent Andy Kifer seeks new clients http://t.co/IGLuoo4d0Z
@brownjenjen : » http://t.co/8uuEUU8Llm Lena Dunham #LenaDunham The Right-Wing War on Lena Dunham » UPDATE » New York USA Syracuse USA 771
LG 80cm (32) HD Ready Smart LED TV
@TheBanginBeats : Up next, winners from Mumbai. #BanginGiveAway
@wallpapermag : Welcome to @Swarovski's Kristallwelten: http://t.co/08x16soFFA http://t.co/oxbngyHcMh
Videocon 47 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
@shanselman : Totally stressed out? Sync to Paper http://t.co/xCQlANiJTm #productivity
@TheCut : 50 percent of women have been groped and 71 percent have been catcalled — before they were 17: http://t.co/gxYuRt80WP http://t.co/zD7lFfoimg
@TimHarford : xkcd: The BDLPSWDKS Effect http://t.co/UqYXzoUHvb
LG 260 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
@Austin_Police : A flash flood warning is in effect for the Austin area until 4:45 a.m. #atxwx #atxfloods http://t.co/bS9BwesEZM
@DNews : Some Hospitals' Mark Up Exceeds 1,000 Percent: http://t.co/NaZI7COkwr http://t.co/AVGGb2hk1x
@HarvardBiz : How the smartest people are making their peace with robots at work (and are keeping their jobs in the process): http://t.co/wXTxp1O1K0
@KurzweilAINews : Your entire viral infection history from a single drop of blood: New technology called called VirScan develope... http://t.co/H0IzlJo1hi
@HarvardBiz : Several strategies can help companies let go of outdated legacy technologies: http://t.co/0OKr0KPdZc http://t.co/P1Y5pVtfnx
@HarvardBiz : Why do innovation initiatives tend to fail? Because too few companies have innovation strategies: http://t.co/DJXp0osIqA
@19880218MJ : พี่ยุนโฮ อายุ 30 ปี อีก 42 วันจะเข้ากรมไปรับใช้ชาติ ใช้เวลาพักผ่อนอยู่กับเพื่อนที่ฮงแด เ
@abdulmaajid : America Senate ge majority ves PPM in nagaafaane, Gree aircon bahaigen!
@Inc : These Are The Best Fitness Trackers http://t.co/YK4y7jRaFJ
@sweden : Way to go, Nigeria! 'Nigeria Bans Female Genital Mutilation' http://t.co/rAeRUkwBKl
@Shaughn_A : #AskPOTUS How comforting is it 2know that #Libya, #Syria, #Afghanistan, #Iraq, your 5 fictional #US states R safe? http://t.co/ufH7TEiAuY
@InStyle : Watch @prattprattpratt teach his son the pledge of allegiance in this adorable video: http://t.co/u0NVFIlGZL http://t.co/vVOoEIsitT
@ASanalla : Member of Ansar Al Sharia (AAS) terrorist group poses with a decapitated head of a Libyan solider in #Benghazi #Libya http://t.co/Y44hLbhvMq
@Scholastic : I save my summers to read THE book. You know--the book everyone's talking about that year. Our summer reads: http://t.co/s7gmn3gF4u







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