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@mykrislu : 我们 เสื้อของเรา?? หืมมมมม.... มันใช่นะ 555555 #krishan http://t.co/nnwljtnzUT

我们 เสื้อของเรา?? หืมมมมม.... มันใช่นะ 555555 #krishan : KrisWu❤AriesLu牛鹿
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@ELLEmagazine : This Might Be the Best Cover of Chandelier We've Ever Heard http://t.co/tUW4iczNot http://t.co/3zmVPoZ6xh
@VirginAustralia : Who wishes the long weekend was that little bit longer? http://t.co/rTc9MRWY0J
@guardianscience : Is Richard Dawkins destroying his reputation? | Sophie Elmhirst http://t.co/F03s2ga04G
Japanese PM speaks for dialogue with Russia but supports sanctions
Philips 98cm (39) Full HD LED TV
Godrej 181 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
@Limportant_fr : Vu des USA : le nouveau monument de Paris est un toit #Paris http://t.co/z4YEm1MTT5 http://t.co/piga7DOF5c
@apod : Saturn at Opposition: http://t.co/jss03DFqCE
@HarvardBiz : How Merck Is Trying to Keep Disrupters at Bay http://t.co/QnLqDqH4Pb http://t.co/nG32ZOTaab
@TravlandLeisure : 50 T+L readers share the trip of their dreams: http://t.co/QhY83qMz8i http://t.co/eypKobpVtD
@designtaxi : The reality of buying a professional camera http://t.co/Yxo3qyeJNa http://t.co/ItBPuPItcX
@androidcentral : In 2014 eight out of ten phones that shipped ran Android, more than 400… http://t.co/Ff8qoqIKjn #android http://t.co/apnZw1NlAY
@tokyoreporter : Tokyo cops bust Kabukicho hostess club for threatening customers http://t.co/Ma2Gvw80nz http://t.co/zAgLVFmUlw
@HarvardBiz : Make your brand distinctive -- and the first one that comes to consumers' minds: http://t.co/eOo4YNtLWp http://t.co/1VChddAiET
@Oatmeal : My friend posted a photo of her cat on Facebook today and I did some Photoshoppin' http://t.co/y28r3balSs
@NewYorker : Meet Chloé Roubert, who travels the world observing the often-maligned pigeon: http://t.co/rqgldQrmqt
@firefox : Connect and collaborate with #FirefoxHello, now with screen sharing: http://t.co/RAyR4dFkOo #ScreenShareIt http://t.co/jYFwVWRF4q
@VirginAustralia : #AvGeek Challenge: How many rows of Economy seating are there on our A330 aircraft?
@VirginAustralia : Who wishes the long weekend was that little bit longer? http://t.co/rTc9MRWY0J
@Chomcr : แบมมมม ห้ามใส่ชุดนอนแบบนี้ละออกมาข้างนอกห้องนะลูก หนูจะไม่ปลอดภัยยย!!!! เชื่อพี่นะ http://t.co/
LG 308 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
@OutriggerWaikik : The sun is setting on another beautiful day in Hawaii Nei! #outrigger #hawaii #visit #scenic #sunset #aloha #waikiki http://t.co/2H5gXiE04Z
@HarvardBiz : Corporate Alliances Matter Less Thanks to APIs http://t.co/5gxE5p2mBY http://t.co/t4kajbybwL
@styledotcom : Just in: Complete look book images from Thom Browne Resort '16 are here: http://t.co/ziEAPX0wOi http://t.co/yemZKieuB5
@LAist : KTLA Was The First News Channel To Get A Chopper In 1958 (Video) http://t.co/iO0eEt5FNy http://t.co/XHL4WVaRiL
@ScienceNews : MT @NikonSmallWorld: Can you guess the owner of the optic nerve shown here? http://t.co/kmV1agKyWw #Brainbow http://t.co/RNZlGMXcYE
@KEYBUMTHAILAND : ชาตร์ทั้งหมดที่ เพลง #View ขึ้นอันดับหนึ่งในสัปดาห์แรกค่ะ #SHINee (RealUnkle1932) http://t.co/PpoKbyXcnq
@mashable : Jon Stewart kicks FIFA where it hurts http://t.co/a1kgpslGBh http://t.co/tGRGOLaK78
@novapbs : Scientists found a missing link between 2 branches on the evolutionary tree of life. http://t.co/XFqxp1r5US #NOVAnext http://t.co/67u9lQW1Sw
@FT : Used bags hold secrets of Japan’s economy http://t.co/Mr0NLf7AaR
@parisreview : “Sex is difficult to write about because it's just not sexy enough.” —Toni Morrison http://t.co/VDjNDWN5Ag
@WhoWhatWear : How to make an entire Zara outfit work for summer: http://t.co/jKQKuvSwkz
@DataconomyMedia : Why Spark Won’t Kill Hadoop: http://t.co/cPhHZvgGQ3 #BigData #Hadoop
@_jackbam : 150609 [CAP] Real GOT7.Ss3.EP.03 ในขณะที่เมมเบอร์พร้อมถ่ายกันแล้ว #JACKBAM นั่งเขียนยุกยิกกันอยู่ 2 คน http://t.co/159tspDW9U
@InStyle : Dwayne Johnson plans to rock the troops with a new TV special: http://t.co/q9mEdPs2gM http://t.co/HzSRdwGHqv
@guardianscience : 'Missing link' in shark evolution found in 380m-year-old Australian fossil http://t.co/WlYlIjB31l







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