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@PopSci : The Model T of drones ups the game with new drone guidance system http://t.co/XK4zJagHiN http://t.co/N0BcEyeT15



The Model T of drones ups the game with new drone guidance system : Popular Science
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@HoeflerCo : Some lovely remembrances of Hermann Zapf and his work on Facebook. https://t.co/MVD81jxiyE
@WIRED : Dumbledore and Gandalf Marry, and Vanquish the Westboro Baptist Church http://t.co/uzOfIykzZm (via @thedailybeast)
@esa : Food for curious minds #Ecsite2015 starts today. Follow @Ecsite @MUSE_Trento @ESA_Exhibitions http://t.co/ESJQHUKIKn https://t.co/zK3ogAIKJz
@NatGeo : Happy #WorldOceanDay. Do you know why the ocean is salty? http://t.co/dzoGh8xmCz #LetsExplore
@LAist : KTLA Was The First News Channel To Get A Chopper In 1958 (Video) http://t.co/iO0eEt5FNy http://t.co/XHL4WVaRiL
@itsmekiew : [Preview] 150529 ยุนโฮ ชางมิน @ Hotel #WelcomeTVXQtoThailand #T1ST0RYinBANGKOK http://t.co/f6yCbPvyBC
@Croatia_hr : Good morning from Highgarden! #GameOfThrones #Trsteno http://t.co/eDxlSNVP5f
@doctorow : Culturing the critters on an 8-year-old's hand http://t.co/qzmVj99Jiq http://t.co/sqdNiVg5zu
@businessinsider : A startup that frat brothers love just raised $2.2 million at a $20 million valuation http://t.co/9stHzIqwtf http://t.co/kfCjZrcsV1
@abpnewstv : Three booked for cow slaughter in Mumbai #beefban #Maharashtra #Mumbai #cowslaughter http://t.co/diuTjx1K13 http://t.co/hc4u6IHide
@Inc : How to get the right message across with your body language @jeff_haden http://t.co/UDNM6lat9B http://t.co/N7FQxz8gmE
@LAist : The Neverland Ranch Is For Sale For $100 Million (Includes One Llama) http://t.co/6G4AhMUUFi
@RT_com : EU strikes against Libyan refugee smugglers will set ‘dangerous precedent’ – Assange http://t.co/MkJm1ToIzx http://t.co/jqlE80V4jX
Whirlpool 340 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
@Forbes : Warren Buffett wannabes -- 10 stocks trying to be the next Berkshire Hathaway http://t.co/odj3AS0UeF
Godrej 185 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
@jrxjh : นี่มันเริ่มเข้าหน้าฝนเหรอวะ ร้อนเหมือนเดิมเลย เหมือนตอนเมษา พระอาทิตย์มึงทำหน้าที่ดี
@brownjenjen : → http://t.co/2ypqOEbL4N #Warriors Warriors Golden State Warriors Reach NBA Finals for First Time Since 1975 USA http://t.co/zXtP2wP01p
Videocon 54.6cm (22) Full HD LED TV
@androidcentral : Huawei Watch specs http://t.co/1Nbqg3VxPx #android http://t.co/IqcyWrpzKF
@madversity : Basically, Maggi has been a boon for lazy housewives and busy workers.
@timesofindia : SSC exam result: 90%+ scorers in Maha up by 19% http://t.co/fT7WzlYe0v
@hotdogsladies : Q: How many lazy internet arguments does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: Well. That's problematic.
@InStyle : Get all the details on @britneyspears's new lingerie-inspired fragrance: http://t.co/1FVrcZXWcV http://t.co/PEy58ghYdG
@RFERL : The Pankisi Gorge in Georgia has now become a recruitment zone for Islamic State militants http://t.co/tS3Nok6Roc http://t.co/pkOjtTrlds
@WhoWhatWear : 17 times the Olsen twins killed it on Pinterest: http://t.co/WtkKomkzW7 http://t.co/pJDFar1lQi
@BootsnAll : Are you a born traveler? - The Genetic Reason Why Some People Are Born To Travel All Over The World | http://t.co/2mnbTY1EXP #rtwchat
@CNBC : Amazon is headed toward new territory: http://t.co/ZNwQJO3lom http://t.co/yIHXxxOiF0
@maya206 : Aum appropriated by religion by use,not origin.meant to open up lungs and diaphragm to breathe better while exercising/ singing 2/6
@WIRED : Chimpanzee rights get a day in court http://t.co/2h6t9TjLKB http://t.co/8kUbUb42UM
@FT : Used bags hold secrets of Japan’s economy http://t.co/Mr0NLf7AaR
@BoingBoing : Malaysia blames a recent quake on naked selfie tourists, some of whom now can't go home. http://t.co/UHQAuXoVqT http://t.co/6iKnqWjtg1
@harpersbazaarus : #TheLIST: Going Gingham http://t.co/4hoJDWvlT1 http://t.co/S30o1WeWDV
@Fashionista_com : Kim Kardashian's public appearances may be well-attended, but are they beneficial to brands? http://t.co/8SgDtRtJm7 http://t.co/gGIzX1SlTr
@KurzweilAINews : Your entire viral infection history from a single drop of blood: New technology called called VirScan develope... http://t.co/H0IzlJo1hi
@GuardianTravel : Map shows how far can you get from London by train in under 22 hours http://t.co/oKfQt6xV93







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