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@designtaxi : Brutally honest ‘Misfortune Cookies’ are a funny twist on fortune cookies http://t.co/wewCfuaUny http://t.co/1S7koRL2jo

Authors: Ecroaker

designtaxi @designtaxi : Brutally honest ‘Misfortune Cookies’ are a funny twist on fortune cookies http://t.co/wewCfuaUnyhttp://t.co/1S7koRL2jo

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@indtravel : Festival Potapaki: Semarak Pulang Kampung di Wakatobi http://t.co/AdmPf7gnam #PesonaIndonesia http://t.co/taAzSKmu1S
@engadget : Homebuilt laser shotgun is every bit as dangerous as it sounds http://t.co/TboQnyNcpF
@IBMbigdata : #SparkInsight #Crowdchat is starting in a few hours.. do join us!! http://t.co/B2BKOeKzmU #Hadoop #ApacheSpark http://t.co/EvaSfL3UAY
Videocon 81cm (32) HD Ready LED TV
@BritishVogue : If you see one film this weekend, make it this one: http://t.co/DLr8yaQSj5 http://t.co/02CwuDRoso
@CNBCWorld : [Now] CEO Gulliver on call: We have materially re-shaped HSBC but it...has not been enough to drive the share price http://t.co/JJaHK85S20
@tourscotland : Travel Scotland Daily is out! http://t.co/NYHAfQNYp8 Stories via @DianaGillooly @BigIrishFamily @CYBERSCOT
@sidin : Country would be a better place if they arrested everyone with a law degree.
@BoingBoing : Malaysia blames a recent quake on naked selfie tourists, some of whom now can't go home. http://t.co/UHQAuXoVqT http://t.co/6iKnqWjtg1
@royalsociety : Self-repairing machines that heal themselves like humans? http://t.co/rUPKjFZr75 #summerscience @SelfRepairRS15 http://t.co/vaGXxczFvh
@Moz : Exposing The Generational Content Gap: 3 Ways to Reach Multiple Generations http://t.co/0oJ39RpoVP By @AndreaMLehr http://t.co/039KIGghGH
@androidcentral : Huzzah! Congrats again to @pocketcasts and all the other Material Design Awards winners! http://t.co/0EjfOuUutT https://t.co/rnewpCCUrj
SONY 108cm (43) Full HD 3D, Smart LED TV
@NASAStennis : Steamy summer begins for SLS with RS-25 test! Check it out: http://t.co/Lk9uVd2IFP
@Londonist : Today in London: Watch Paddington, sample Japanese food or hear about Lewisham's history http://t.co/NzSkw76K1Q http://t.co/r9Edg8UKpm
@brownjenjen : » http://t.co/Rrna4F9W5D Cleveland Cavaliers #ClevelandCavaliers Down two stars, Cavs thrive by getting defensive » UPDATE » California USA…
@HarvardBiz : Rate yourself on 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence, and see how you compare with others http://t.co/CXCMbAQFZV http://t.co/JMrayUifOu
@GuardianBooks : Cornel West: Australia is on the path to US-style fascism http://t.co/8xLkhiMU1s
Godrej 185 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
LG 80cm (32) HD Ready LED TV
@TheNextWeb : Hide your secret chats with emoji http://t.co/fU9SIjOYOW http://t.co/3jQvXk39Wv
@NewYorker : Seven places to visit (right) before you die, in @tnyshouts: http://t.co/MoG6vqKiDM
@jbmesser53 : Algeria Raises Alert Level as ISIS Pushes Against Libyan Border - Breitbart http://t.co/45YXXUekKp
@VisitGreecegr : Good morning from #Greece! #travel #ttot http://t.co/GlMhj7GfsM
@PopSci : Climatologists think the flooding in Texas could be because of El Niño http://t.co/NuQhp5t2do http://t.co/Y97beXzypf
@TheNextWeb : Cotton Bureau is crowdfunding designers’ tees to help them reach the world http://t.co/yqYfHSATT7 http://t.co/daphNOCEbA
@swissmiss : NYC isn't unfriendly it's just crowded. Everyone carries around a little piece of invisible space. - Fame at 10:40 https://t.co/I4STj1FOdQ
@Fashionista_com : Kim Kardashian's public appearances may be well-attended, but are they beneficial to brands? http://t.co/8SgDtRtJm7 http://t.co/gGIzX1SlTr
@ELLEmagazine : See This Year's CFDA Award Nominees in Striking Black-and-White Photos http://t.co/0YN7TN004S http://t.co/6l0uQWs1v8
@designtaxi : Heartbreaking photos of a man his plastic doll daughter http://t.co/Rsl2lZhfMH http://t.co/cpuznoTlB1
@AntiquingOnLine : #Vintage 14K Ruby Red Garnet Diamond Ring http://t.co/U4nC4cdNgR @Etsy #EcoChic #jewelry #TeamLove
@glamourmag : 25 things every couple should try by end of summer: http://t.co/Cy5Re3prTl
@wallpapermag : If you were planning on seeing Agnes Martin's retrospective (do!), this should be helpful: http://t.co/O0XOuOoGeJ http://t.co/m6tYHNCUIP
@seemagoswami : A fake certificate lands the Delhi #lawminister in jail. What is the punishment for those who make fake election promises, I wonder! #jumla
@TheNextWeb : Google's Places API for iOS lets devs add better location features to their apps http://t.co/mnsSI8upq2 by @aghoshal http://t.co/zHGh9GhWHX
@fhhyx_ : คนแมนมาอัพเว่ยตัดผมใหม่ น่ารัก T _ T♥ http://t.co/6eNQ3kELxo







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