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Mass training of pilots in full swing for Russia’s Air Force — commander
@30JuneEG : #Libya's tribal leaders conference in #Cairo discuss announcing #Muslim_Brotherhood in #Libya a terrorist group banning their activities
@styledotcom : The products to use when you need to get your legs summer-ready: http://t.co/WDr50xDV56 http://t.co/rZ1LiYvBMr
@LAist : KTLA Was The First News Channel To Get A Chopper In 1958 (Video) http://t.co/iO0eEt5FNy http://t.co/XHL4WVaRiL
@BritishVogue : Plan your weekend here: 31 things to do this month http://t.co/5orb9wQddu http://t.co/w5Mfp6CMyh
@ZeeNews : Barack Obama sued by Yemeni whose kins were slain in US drone strike http://t.co/gHwLDwzQRC
@PeopleReads : “Ten full-length books and one novella from NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors” Heroes In Uniform: http://t.co/QiVmK0GRwE #pdf1
@ELLEmagazine : The Tony Awards Were an Incredible Night for Women on Broadway http://t.co/nvsmvlGSV0 http://t.co/xVB52A09tS
@businessinsider : Report: 'Top Gear' trio headed to Netflix http://t.co/4WyEL6sRVL http://t.co/E3bCwI0jDv
@designmilk : Shantell Martin: Meditation of Lines http://t.co/XvkB9DKvGl http://t.co/p7iByNbNqY
@Croatia_hr : Good morning from Highgarden! #GameOfThrones #Trsteno http://t.co/eDxlSNVP5f
LG 258 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
@JBGOT7_Thailand : [IG] 150529 JB's IG updated -รู้สึกเศร้า https://t.co/RFcVr9DKhT ปล.สงสัยแจบอมคิดถึงโนร่ามากๆแน่เลย http://t.co/uBNat9KmDl
@TechCrunch : Chromecast gets autoplay, queuing, second screen, and multiplayer game powers http://t.co/5cAFvzcW0B
@wooyounghome : โฆษณา RE:CIPE ตัวใหม่ปล่อยออกมาแล้วนะคะ อย่าลืมไปดู กดไลค์กดแชร์ และไปซื้อมาใช้กันนะคะ 
@scifri : The word 'cell' originally comes from 'cellula,' or small, humble chambers. http://t.co/dWmwkdbkDV
@WhoWhatWear : Here’s what it's REALLY like to walk a red carpet, according to @ErinWasson: http://t.co/mzEkmiTJEu (Sounds terrifying)
@SunViewer : Colorfull #Aurora with the #ISS. By Lenny Angello on June 7 at Bellingham, WA USA. http://t.co/GuMkAGWULx
@brownjenjen : » http://t.co/8uuEUU8Llm Lena Dunham #LenaDunham The Right-Wing War on Lena Dunham » UPDATE » New York USA Syracuse USA 771
@seventeen : A Las Vegas Walmart Reportedly Refused To Write Gay On Cake For Viral Gay/Straight Prom… http://t.co/1S9waiSHrS http://t.co/jsQ08DveFK
@engadget : Skype Translator is heading to the desktop app this summer http://t.co/XXTpUKII61
@gruber : Current Android copy and paste UI: http://t.co/j5WHU7mFoI
@WIRED : Today, Google officially announced Android M, its latest OS http://t.co/WQj7rsuOdb http://t.co/SgETg7DsB4
@Good_day_m8 : วันละ150บาท/วัน อยู่ได้ ราษฎรอาวุโสเค้าว่างั้น http://t.co/7PbDOM32iL
@NYTScience : Retracted scientific studies: A growing list http://t.co/rzsmhjERGQ http://t.co/d082Z7XzF0
@neilhimself : Unfortunately, the internet has stopped. (This might, perhaps, be an imprecise error message.)
@TechCrunch : Google’s quest to bring the Internet to the next billion people http://t.co/75kK8KipXo
@speckyboy : 65 Free Fonts for Beautiful Headlines and Titles http://t.co/DVbdFvbT9L
@HarvardBiz : No One Can Think Outside the Box http://t.co/pKUPVympEr http://t.co/mVgBuls46p
@nypl : Explore the influence of music on one of America's most beloved poets, Emily Dickinson: http://t.co/tOKAMIRHLk http://t.co/T9SxETYWkG
LG 260 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
@esa : Japan will launch #HTV5 to the @Space_Station on 16 August, see @JAXA_en release https://t.co/LnTiYpfvfc
@NewYorker : A review of the Tony Award-winning “Fun Home” http://t.co/HwVXvhtdWO
@designtaxi : Melissa the playful Scottish Fold loves sticking her tongue out http://t.co/gs8RDLVTPA http://t.co/AHajeJaL5L







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