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@mashable : Hands on with Panasonic's $800 G7: A 4K video recording monster http://t.co/P8oNsVdgnA http://t.co/Pv0W2rwW1m

mashable @mashable : Hands on with Panasonic's $800 G7: A 4K video recording monster http://t.co/P8oNsVdgnAhttp://t.co/Pv0W2rwW1m

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@bsindia : #Apple #iOS9 to give four extra hours of iPhone battery life http://t.co/WCnz0VbGJK http://t.co/K3VoVa5Bs4
Whirlpool 292 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
@HarvardBiz : Corporate Alliances Matter Less Thanks to APIs http://t.co/5gxE5p2mBY http://t.co/t4kajbybwL
@CNNMoney : Germany's Dax 30 stock index has dropped by 10% since April 10 http://t.co/JABURmByzG By @AlannaPetroff http://t.co/JTXa6DoX5s
@InStyle : Watch @prattprattpratt teach his son the pledge of allegiance in this adorable video: http://t.co/u0NVFIlGZL http://t.co/vVOoEIsitT
@mashable : 14 places in the UK you need to go for a drink in the sun http://t.co/BGERoyOYTS http://t.co/KdOQBbLu6c
@linuxtoday : Let's Encrypt Root and Intermediate Certificates: The keys and certificates that will underlie Let’s Encrypt h... http://t.co/yNkM0ZWhEe
@engadget : Apple's Beats 1 believes the future of music is radio: http://t.co/IWCqPoBSw2
@FortuneMagazine : What are some red flags in a job candidate? http://t.co/lWfmQznwzm
@wooyounghome : โฆษณา RE:CIPE ตัวใหม่ปล่อยออกมาแล้วนะคะ อย่าลืมไปดู กดไลค์กดแชร์ และไปซื้อมาใช้กันนะคะ 
@lonelyplanet : Love film #travel? MT @boredpanda: Famous Movie Locations Photographed In Real Life: http://t.co/ZlI9HtNTkm http://t.co/KQIN1jnlMF
@HarvardBiz : Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain http://t.co/e9dkPlTAc1 http://t.co/M3S5uhVvkf
@JigzErotang : ร้อนจนไม่ต้องทาโลชั่นแล้วอะมึง เอาสเปรย์มาพ่นปาก แล้วตะโกนว่าจงดูข้าเลยดีกว่า
@linuxfoundation : Want to install Linux on a Windows machine? You'll have to deal with Secure Boot. Find out how to do it here http://t.co/XiF0tQFZFK
Samsung 340 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
@Taewii : เลิกยัดเหยียด ชอลอู เป็นผู้ชายคนใหม่ของฟานี่ได้ละ เหตุเพราะฟานี่แท็กเขาตลอด ถ่ายแบบด
@linuxtoday : A Few Laps With Fedora 22:  FOSSforce: Many of the changes in Fedora 22 come in the Cloud and Server versions,... http://t.co/q0aObCAeOS
@codinghorror : 10TB hard drives! http://t.co/1NqVmiYHWy
@LAist : Photos: Monster Maker Will Auction Off Creatures From 'Thriller,' 'Gremlins' and More http://t.co/il3vOp0ZOM http://t.co/5lqLRFXkQ5
@sweden : People should learn how to walk. It's important. Practice that shit.
@mcsweeneys : Raymond Carver’s OKCupid Profile, Edited by Gordon Lish: http://t.co/kDRQDDLFNC http://t.co/X0zIHZu09i
@AirAsia : Mari jadikan Ramadan anda lebih bermakna tahun ini. Jom balik berbuka bersama yang tersayang. http://t.co/uVgE923jce http://t.co/Ia4SSMzDlo
@androidcentral : Google's 3D-scanning Google's Project Tango developer tablet without an invite for… http://t.co/Usa2Ul2Ffq #android http://t.co/uQLu1E8MMu
@NatGeoTravel : Inside a wacky literary holiday in Ireland http://t.co/kRi8Y15thS
@WritersDigest : Make the Most of Your Indie Bookstore Event http://t.co/vMFAluG22u Column via @nathankotecki
@maxkeiser : Describing Russia as Soviet is like describing Florida as antebellum South. 'Oh Obama, I do declare, this pecan pie is marvelous.'
@wmag : W's beauty director @WmagJane shares her tips for a dramatic summer look: http://t.co/RNassrVH46 http://t.co/omYhX0ahYP
@Australia : Surfing in the outback? Only in @WestAustralia, where you can tackle the famous Wave Rock. Photo: @wanderingwillos http://t.co/kLCK6pIr30
Samsung 585 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator
@parisreview : “Sex is difficult to write about because it's just not sexy enough.” —Toni Morrison http://t.co/VDjNDWN5Ag
Samsung 121cm (48) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV
@GuardianBooks : Cornel West: Australia is on the path to US-style fascism http://t.co/8xLkhiMU1s
@Dohjinwh : - ฉลอง 50 ล้าววิว - กับ 16 ตอน - ออนแอร์ 9 เม - 28 พฤษ สิ้นสุด  #exonextdoor
One of third Maidan protest organizers detained in Kiev’s Independence Square
@sitepointdotcom : Building a Responsive Mega Menu with Foundation http://t.co/1LjSvcbuaf







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