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@krijiju : Dynastic politics democracy do not gel very well.BJP is the most democratic party ever in India. Everybody has the right and space in BJP
@TravlandLeisure : The best design in the Caribbean:
@VisitBritain : See inside Britain's castles with our new series of 360 imagery:
@WSJ : Asia wants U.S. spuds. “If you look at a chart, it looks like a mountain going straight up”
@HarvardBiz : Several strategies can help companies let go of outdated legacy technologies:
@PsRam60 : Just as Washington is the capital of US,London of England and Paris of France, so too Jerusalem WAS and ALWAYS WILL BE the capital of Israel
@mashable : 'So You Think You Can Dance' hits Detroit, and it has a rough ride in the Motor City
@designtaxi : This photo of food perfectly cut into cubes will delight the OCD in you
@designtaxi : Travel photography by Morton Marsh
@pmarca : It takes the US economy, functioning normally, less than 3 months to replace 5 million destroyed jobs. !!
@BloombergTV : Apple puts women on #WWDC stage for first time since 2010
@Forbes : EYVoice: What 2% of women entrepreneurs know that you don't
Russian-Egyptian first joint naval drills will build trust — Navy chief
@neilhimself : Unfortunately, the internet has stopped. (This might, perhaps, be an imprecise error message.)
@snaeron : कर्नल बैंसला के आंदोलन की वजह से 100 करोड़ का नुकसान हुआ अगर समझोता करना था तो पहले कर लेते अब बैं
@TravlandLeisure : 8 new reasons to take a European river cruise:
@Forbes : 38% of workers reported that they currently work for a younger boss:
@_parinkpinnk : ชุดเมื่อวานทุกคนเลย เมื่อวานมีใครอาบน้ำบ้างคะ
@TeenVogue : Love you, mean it...but not like that: #BFFDay
@WritersDigest : Thinking About Attending a Writers’ Conference? Here’s How to Prepare: via @thewritelife
@sitepointdotcom : Securing WordPress Against Hackers and DDoS Attacks @gibbiv
@linuxfoundation : This Week in Linux News: New Linux Foundation edX course, next-gen Linux ATMs, more:
@linuxfoundation : Run Windows applications on Linux by installing and using Wine: via @jlwallen
@HarvardBiz : It’s easy to ask whether a machine can do a job. It’s harder to ask how a human and a machine can work together:
@parisreview : “The best work has to come from organs that are removed from the brain.” —Rick Moody
LG 284 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
@WritersDigest : Writing literary fic, smart genre fiction, high-concept thrillers or sci-fi? Agent Andy Kifer seeks new clients
Haier 320 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator
@BBCWorld : VIDEO: Counter revolution in Libya
@TheNextWeb : US Army public site taken down, Syrian hackers claim credit by @aghoshal
@designmilk : Shantell Martin: Meditation of Lines
@ForbesTech : Crooks are selling stolen Prius batteries for between $500 $1,000 on Craigslist:
@HarvardBiz : How Merck Is Trying to Keep Disrupters at Bay
@text_publishing : Who writes novels? by @tomgauld #fridayfrivolity
@NYTScience : It's not genetic modification of food, they say. It's rewilding.
@WIRED : Apple's News app takes aim at Facebook

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